The Employer's Guide to the Future of Work

Future Employer is

Your Guide to the Next Revolution

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Everything we know about work is changing.

As a law firm known for our role in transformational legal industry and labor and employment issues, we believe it is our responsibility to harness our knowledge, experience and relationships to forge a path for the “Future of Work.” Together with our clients, we can seize the opportunity.

That is why we created Future Employer, the employer’s guide to the Future of Work.

Future Employer is: 

A culmination of the conversations and interviews we have been conducting with clients and industry experts over the past year—and it is just the beginning.

Your concierge for navigating this new world, starting from the basics, such as defining the trends and opportunities—to identifying the legal and business solutions that will transform work as we know it.

A community of in-house legal and business leaders who are pioneering their companies’ approach to technology, human workers and innovation to transform the workplace.

A way to connect subject matter experts and our clients—in person and through our online platform—to build upon each other’s successes and position their organizations in a constantly evolving landscape.  

We are here to help us all understand the changing landscape of the workplace, to shape, guide and suggest new approaches to work, and to contribute to the continuing evolution of the laws that will serve as the framework of our future. 


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It's time to work the future.