The Employer's Guide to the Future of Work

Future Employer is

The Employer’s Guide to the Future of Work

by Seyfarth Shaw

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Employers are entering a period of exponential change in the nature of work, business and the economy.

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What is Future Employer?

Much has been written from the workforce perspective about the “Future of Work,” covering topics from artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, to the demands of a multi-generational and global workforce.

What has been missing is a resource for employers on navigating this new world, starting from the basics—such as defining the trends and new opportunities—to how to bring the Future of Work into legal and business solutions. In response to this need, we created Future Employer, a collaborative initiative that will offer exclusive guidance and events for clients across the country focused on the transformative workplace issues faced by employers.


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Future Employer is for in-house legal and business leaders:


Future Employer will include a number of opportunities for you to learn more about the Future of Work and to exchange ideas and collaborate with your peers at other organizations.


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Future Employer Events

Stay tuned for in-person opportunities to meet subject matter experts and work with your peers on new ideas about the future of work.

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